Hood Petz


  You must be 18 or older to purchase a guinea pig from us.
  Identification is required for ALL purchases.

  No ID, No Guinea Pig, No Exceptions.


We guarantee that all guinea pigs sold by us are free from any known and undisclosed illnesses or defects.
We provide our buyers with lifetime support for their guinea pigs.  We offer many years of experience and are happy to answer questions and assist with nearly all situations.

We recommend and encourage all buyers have their new guinea pig examined by a licensed veterinarian who is experienced with guinea pigs within 7 calendar days of purchase.

Special Note:
It is very important to notify the breeder when any animal becomes ill or dies from any condition that is known/suspected to be genetic or hereditary.


Payments may be made online via PayPal.  A 5% fee is added to all internet payments.  You may also pay in cash at pick up.
When replying to your inquiry, we will provide you with a payment link if online payment is desired.


All visitors are by appointment only, NO drop-ins.  Just like everyone else, we have medical appointments, trips to the grocery store, family functions, school functions, cleaning day, etc.  Without scheduling an appointment, we do not allow visitors.

If you've scheduled an appointment and you are unable to make it, please let us know!  We've blocked off the scheduled time JUST FOR YOU and may have changed our own plans or turned away others to accommodate you.  Please be considerate.

If you're going to be late, please let us know!  If you've scheduled an appointment and you are going to be significantly late, please consider that it disrupts everything we have scheduled from that point on.  We understand that traffic can cause delays and we are pretty flexible but if it is going to disrupt our schedule by more than an hour, we prefer that you reschedule.

While in our home:
If you've chosen to bring your children to the appointment, we ask that you have them take a seat and be respectful of the conversation that the grown-ups are having.  If we are unable to communicate because of the children, the appointment is not likely to end in a sale.
If you're interested in purchasing a guinea pig for your child please consider the following:

  • Guinea pigs can be nervous animals.  When nervous they may flail and could scratch the child.
  • Guinea pigs can be easily startled by noise and movement.  If your child is not calm, the guinea pig will be frightened.
  • Is your child able and willing to do the necessary cleaning?  If not, are you?  If the answer is no, please do not purchase a guinea pig.
  • Is your child able and willing to properly feed the guinea pig?  If not, are you?  If the answer is no, please do not purchase a guinea pig.
  • If you are in our home and handling a guinea pig, be aware that guinea pigs poop.  If the guinea pig poops on you, we are more than happy to give you napkins, antibacterial hand gel, and access to our restroom to clean up.  If the guinea pig poops on the floor or furniture, please either clean it up or bring it to my attention so that I may clean it up.  Please do not just leave it or smear it in.  I do my very best to offer a clean and presentable environment for appointments and it is appreciated if potential buyers do not make that task difficult.

    We are asking for the most basic common courtesy.  Please be respectful.  Thanks!


We do our best to ensure that every guinea pig that leaves us is matched with a suitable owner. We would like to see every animal go to a forever home but we do understand that sometimes circumstances can leave some pet owners with no choice but to re-home or return their pet.

We REQUIRE that our buyers notify us in the event that they are unable to keep their guinea pig.  We appreciate the opportunity to take the guinea pig back rather than the buyer sending it to a new owner that we have not screened.

We do not offer a refund for guinea pigs that are returned but we are always willing to provide them with a home when needed.