Hood Petz

Hedgehogs & Guinea Pigs from a USDA licensed breeder in N. FL.

This page was last updated on 09/23/18
18 or older to purchase.  ID required.  Our guinea pigs come with sample supply of pellets & timothy hay.
For proper GUINEA PIG CARE, please visit

Coal and Bachelor are bonded and live together happily.  $40.00

Male - DOB: 10/06/17

Male - DOB: 04/17/18

Both boys are super sweet.  Bachelor loves to be cuddled and is very vocal.

Kona and Kuli are brothers and bonded.  $60.00

DOB: 08/06/18

DOB: 08/06/18

Both boys are incredibly sweet and cuddly.  Both are vocal and talk to you as soon as they see you.

About Contacting Us

Guinea pigs have special dietary requirements.
We care a great deal for our animals and need to know that they are going to new homes with owners who are educated and who fully understand how to provide proper care.

If you're not willing to take the time to answer these questions, we're not willing to send one of our babies to live with you.

Hood Petz - Guinea Pig Application